Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry (BRIT), founded in 1957, is an institute in the field of space electronic information technology with advanced abilities of research, integration, production, sales and services at "China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)". It has more than 2,300 employees in total, including more than 900 engineers and senior engineers..

      BRIT keeps its domestic leading position in TT&C, satellite navigation, MEMS and sensors, marine environmental monitoring, microwave remote sensing, LIDAR and laser communications. Along with the development of China’s aerospace industry, BRIT has become an important backbone enterprise which provides most of cutting edge TT&C systems, data acquisition and processing systems, satellite navigation equipment, satellite payloads, sensors, transducers and services for Manned Spaceflight, Lunar Exploration and Beidou Navigation Projects in China.

      BRIT is the pioneer and one of the main national standard makers in the field of TT&C in China’s aerospace industry. After decades of domestic contribution to China’s aerospace electronic information technology BRIT has been concentrating on international cooperation actively by means of "International Joint Research Center of Space Electronic Information Technology" which was recognized by "Ministry of Science and Technology of China" and "China-Italy Joint Research Center of Laser Remote Sensing". BRIT is the actual authority of "National Engineering Research Center on Satellite Navigation Applications" and "Marine Telemetry Engineering Technology Research Center" which was initiated by CASC.

  • TT&C

    BRIT keeps the domestic leading position in TT&C, satellite navigation, with strong market competitiveness. Based on the advantages of TT&C, satellite navigation, data transmission and recording technologies, the directions of laser communication and TT&C for UAV are expanded successfully. The technologies and products are mainly focused in:

    1. TT&C for rocket, aircraft, satellite and spacecraft

    2. TT&C for deep space

    3. Vehicle-mounted TT&C system

    4. Remote sensing receiving system

    5. Satellite ground calibration system

    6. Airborne laser communication terminal

    7. UAV data link system

    8. SOTM system for multi-platform

    9. Emergency communication system

    10. Portable SATCOM system with big aperture antenna

    11. Multi-mode GNSS baseband SoC

    12. Multi-mode GNSS RF front-end chip

    13. Potable GNSS simulator

    14. Multi-mode mini-sized GNSS receiver OEM board

  • Remote Sensing System

    The remote sensing technology of BRIT covers the satellite-borne, air-borne, ship-borne and ground application platforms, and provides a series of weather, ocean, and environment monitoring remote sensing equipment for related agencies in the field of active detection. The technologies and products include:

    1. Satellite-borne dual-frequency precipitation measurement radar

    2. Space-borne atmosphere detection Lidar

    3. Airborne synthetic aperture radar

    4. Airborne, space-borne marine spectrometer

  • MEMS and Sensors

    BRIT has the largest market share in the special-used sensor field, and maintains the competitive position. The core intelligent sensor is a series of special sensor products which are widely used in the measurement of special parameters. The main products are as following:

    1. Pressure sensor

    2. Angular rate sensor

    3. Quartz tuning fork gyroscope

    4. Tilt sensor

    5. Accelerometer

    6. Vibrating sensor

    7. Noise sensor

    8. Heat flux sensor

    9. Temperature sensor

  • Application systems

    Based on the mature technologies of China Space, BRIT can provide users system solutions in the fields of terahertz technology, UAV application technology, micro environmental governance, small satellite application technology. The main products include:

    1. Terahertz security system

    2. UAV application system

    3. Intelligent micro environmental governance system

    4. Small satellite application system

    5. Remote industrial monitoring platform

    6. Smart farming and livestock management system based on Beidou technology

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